Welcome Wavelength Family Members!

We are proud to announce that Wavelength is currently building the first Wavelength Automotive location in Basking Ridge!

Our primary focus to start will be hand washing, waxing, and detailing until our store is completed later this year.  Once the store is completed you can expect to find many automotive related accessories including air fresheners, phone chargers, lighting, and cleaning supplies as well as some very cool electronics and gadgets 🙂  Our services after the store opening will extend into accessory installations such as floor mats, seat upholstery, bumper guards, and wheel upgrades and will also offer a full line of electronic installations such as sound systems, LED lighting, video systems and full protection radar/laser systems.

As many of you know, the roots of this company go quite a ways back.  While the name was created in 2005, the concept was being worked on many years earlier without me even knowing it!  At thirteen, I had started my journey as a musician and always had a passion for technology.  Around fifteen, I had brought these two passions together and started helping out my friends by building sound systems for their cars.  A few years after that, I began my professional career in the automotive industry building custom show vehicles, sound systems, and just about every electrical entertainment or security system that was available. All the while, running a detailing shop in Basking Ridge for seven years.  I had even written and instructed an automotive electronics and fabrication class that was accredited by the state of NJ which was really fun!  It was after this time period that Wavelength started.  Within a few years, we moved away from cars, lacking a needed facility and unable keep up with demand. Home theater was taking on a new life of its own, which we have now become known for.

Rick Gander, who has been on the Wavelength team for more than 3 years with over ten years of detailing experience, and Jose Cabrera, with ten years of exotic vehicle detailing experience lead the team at Wavelength Automotive. They maintain a vehicle detailing standard, surpassing all of the area’s car wash and wax centers with our combined knowledge of over 38 years!

We hope that this comes to you as great news and look forward to providing you the same kind of service for your vehicle care needs that you have come to enjoy from us with your home Audio & Video needs.  Please feel free to call Rick Gander at the Basking Ridge location at 908-766-7115 or visit our website www.WavelengthAutomotive.com

Thank you so much for your time and we hope that you have a great day!

The Wavelength Team